Last night in Beijing. Shops and buskers. 

That’s it. The next day I flew back to the UK. I continue to blog at

The Forbidden city from outside, you can see the walls, watch towers, and moat.

The Forbidden City. There were so many people and it was so hot. amazing and beautiful though. I’ve got so many pictures. 

It was so quiet, right in the centre of Beijing and I couldn’t hear any traffic noise at all. Beautiful!

Walking around: polite no-door knocking signs, graffiti, and the Chinese national art gallery

I never posted my last photos!

I’m just going to sort them out and post now. Sorry!

Got lost and found this amazing trendy bar. Freshly made iced tea anyone?

I’m in Beijing!

I got to Beijing about 4pm on Saturday, I got to the hotel about 5.30- all those things they say about Beijing traffic? Completely true.

On Sunday, I went up The Great Wall at Mutianyu- one of the*less* touristy places (apparently). First of all, you have to go up the mountain on a ski lift optimistically called a ‘cable car’

It was really foggy, but it looked like this:

I spent three hours walking the wall, before giving up and going to explore the market at the base. 

Today, I aimed to walk to 

 Square via the Chinese National Art Museum, but I got lost, and found myself wandering past these Ming Dynasty city walls….


And wandering about through some hutongs…

Then I tried to find the silk market, but got really lost. So I gave up and now I’m going to meet a friend for dinner.

Tomorrow’s plan = today’s plan- the getting lost. Possibly more taxis will be involved.

Last Day in Hohhot

So, today’s my last day in Hohhot. I went and looked around Five Tower Temple (pretty much the only big tourist draw in the city), went for a walk in Xingchen Park, and went out for lunch.

Later I’m going to go to go to school, pick up my final pay, and then get my Mongolian jacket. 

There are photos of all of these things, but I’ve packed my SD card reader… 

I am drinking this beer. It tastes of flowers.

I am drinking this beer. It tastes of flowers.


Hello. I'm Betsy and I lived in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China, for the six months between February and July 2013.

This is a collection of stuff I saw, things I did, and biscuits I ate.

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